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NEW: How to softmod your wii the simple way

Learning how to softmod your wii can be a tough thing especially since Nintendo is constantly putting out updates which negate the process. So the thing is if you're going to softmod your wii, you need to stop updating your wii from nintendo from now on. You're basically making the Nintendo updates void if you choose to manually softmod.

That said here are the manual steps to softmod your Wii:

Download TBR

1: Copy files to SD card, all IOS go on the root, the 3 apps in the 'apps' folder. It should look like this when done.

2: Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job.

3: Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time using d-pad left/right to change the IOS, load IOS15 on first screen, select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card.

4: Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.

5: Run cIOS38r17 installer select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad install.

Done! If you want a backup launcher and preloader then have a look at this thread.

Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo

Part 1- Launch Hackmii Installer
As of hackmii 0.8, ios58 will be install prior to hbc install for all wiis 4.2 and less.
Below you will find many methods for loading the hackmii installer. Bannerbomb is best and is supported on 3.0-4.2 wiis. Choose the method compatible with your wii.
Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed
1.0-2.2u/e/j/k wii
3.0-4.2u/e/j/k wiis- BannerBomb
4.3-LetterBomb- No Game Disc Required

Part 2- Install The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii
Read the Scam warning and press 1
It may take a minute or two for the "press 1" to appear- be patient
Install the HomeBrew Channel
Install Bootmii as Boot2(boot2 may not be available, IOS installs automatically)
Prepare the SD-card
If Step1 fails with error "no vulnerable ios", DO THIS

Part 3- Make A NAND Backup (NOT Optional, do this,)

Load HBC, press -HOME-, launch Bootmii
Make a nand backup
Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset (or use gc-controller)
Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select
Once the backup is complete, exit bootmii to HBC
Backup your Bootmii files to your PC
If you want to load bootmii again at a later date, copy the bootmii folder back to sd:\

Okay so if this seems extremely complicated and you just want a basic way to softmod your Wii, you can simply grab the Wii homebrew software which I think costs about $30 or $40. The company has done all these steps for you and the software is a lot easier to install. But you can also do it manually if you want.

Read the rest of the guide...

How to softmod your wii the simple way

Wii Modification: How to Easily Mod a Wii

Wii modification is actually very easy and can be done without a costly modchip. Basically it requires two things: a working Wii console and a softmod for Wii.

Your first step is to find a Wii softmod you like. Softmods are basically pieces of software which you download and then install onto an SD card which you then insert into your Wii. A good softmod will walk you through each step of the process and provide customer support should you need help along the way.

Secondly you will need an SD card. Any type just about will do but make sure it has at least 2GB.

Finally you will need to install the softmod onto your Wii. Any softmod you choose for Wii modification should include a reversal process if you are unhappy with the way the softmod turns out and want to restore your console to its original version.

You may read on the web that it costs nothing to softmod your Wii and it is true that you can simply download the files for your SD card from a website (some of which are questionable). But the problem with doing it this way is that if you screw up, you can't undo the changes to your Wii.

It makes the most sense to download a Wii softmod from somewhere like Wii Unlocker, as they have a good history and have been putting out updates to Wii unlock firmware for several years.

Once you have your Wii softmod installed you can download Wii softmod apps to choose exactly what you want your Wii to do, like play homebrew games, movies and dvds, music, games from other systems, downloaded games, etc.

There is really no limit to what a modded Wii can do. After applying a softmod to your Wii you will be able to do much more with it; it is just a shame Nintendo did not include the great abilities of the Wii in its original state.

Wii Softmod Apps

Once you have finished softmodding your Wii, you're going to want apps for it. Kind of like with the iPhone, apps are what make the magic. In fact, the whole point of Wii softmods is to get your Wii to do more - and apps make that possible.

So what are some vital Wii homebrew apps you will want to have for any Wii console?

Something to play DVDs

One of the best parts of a modded Wii is being able to play video files and movies on it. You do this by uploading videos to SD cards or USB drives. Then plug 'em into your Wii.

Download the Mplayer CE homebrew app which lets you play videos and DVDs on your Wii.

Something to play games from other countries

A lot of Wii games aren't released in the US. There are all kinds of licensing reasons for this that we won't go into in this post.

Basically though, the Gecko homebrew app lets you play import games. While Wii Unlocker Ultra also lets you do this, you can just download apps separately if you are using the method where you mod your Wii independently of any purchaseable softmods.

You can also get apps for copying games, burning games for different platforms, and even connecting your Wii to a PC and essentially using it as a computer.

The Wii is pretty much limitless when it is softmodded. You won't have to look at getting a new console or even a new computer for years as long as you keep your Wii in good condition.

The Best Wii Mod Chip is Not

By: Shane
Are you frustrated by the Nintendo Wii’s lack of basic features that other consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 come with? While the Wii is very innovative in its motion-sensor technology, it’s more limited than other consoles in its basic state. It can’t play DVDs or music without an SD card, and even then it can’t be used as an all-purpose home media player for music and movies.

Because of this, many users resort to installing a Wii mod chip. However, this is a costly, ineffective, and often difficult process that involves taking apart the console and sometimes even damaging it.

To avoid this, developers have created ‘soft mods’, or software that modifies your console’s mainframe without harming it or altering its basic structure. The soft mod method is becoming increasingly popular among Wii users because of how easy and cheap it is. In fact, most Wii soft mods can be downloaded and installed right onto your console and get it running within just a few minutes.  Soft mods also let you download games right onto your Wii, saving you trips to the store to rent or buy games.

On top of being fast and easy to install, soft mods also allow you to use your Wii to play music, games for other consoles, DVDs, and pretty much anything else you want - all through the Wii console.  Soft mods turn your Wii into an all-purpose gaming and media machine, almost like a computer.

If you are considering a Wii mod chip, think about a soft mod instead. You’ll save time and money in the long run, and it’s much faster, easier, and more affordable than hard modding.

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Don’t want to deal with an expensive, hard to install Wii mod chip? Then don’t. Have your Wii ready to download games in less than 30 minutes with a soft mod. Visit to find the best soft mods available.

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Softmod Wii - 2010 Guide

As Nintendo puts out new patches for the Wii console, what you need to do to mod your Wii at home changes. For example you used to be able to use the Zelda Twilight Hack to softmod Wii - well, that doesn't work anymore.

Now there is an exploit called Bannerbomb which works from any version of the system menu. The Twilight Hack does not work on system menu 4.0 which makes it kinda useless.

Note that while the original version of bannerbomb does not support sysmenu 4.2, the updated version which launches via the SD card menu does.

This exploit basically works by using a malformed banner which crashes the Wii and runs code that loads the boot.dol placed in the SD card root. It is used to install the homebrew channel, DVDx, and BootMii.

You need:
  • sd card formatted as FAT16 or FAT32
  • SD card reader for PC
  • Bannerbomb channel data on SD card
  • Homebrew to load like the HackMii installer
The simple way to softmod Wii like this is to copy the bannerbomb 'private' folder to the root of your SD card, take the Wii executable, and save it to the root directory.

Then you have to go through a set of instructions after you put that SD card in your Wii.

Sound complicated? It is, actually. I don't think it's possible to brick your Wii using this method but you can screw the SD card up if you have other saved channels on the same card.

I recommend using a downloadable Wii softmod to mod your Wii instead. While you do pay a fee to download it, the software is all ready for you to put on your SD card and you save the pain of having to mess with the Bannerbomb hack. Unlike Bannerbomb with all the file managing and redirects to various folders, with a program like Wii Unlocker Ultra, you only have to download the software, put it in a free SD card, and boom - your Wii is unlocked.

Wii Unlocker Download

If you've read the tutorials on this page and are interested in a Wii Unlocker download, you can download the software directly from this site.

Basically when you download Wii Unlocker, you'll get the program you need to install on your SD card which will help you unlock your Wii without voiding the warranty or bricking it.

Wii Unlocker is the only software I would recommend for unlocking your Wii, as it is reliable and easy to set up.  I have tried some other Wii softmods and this is the only one I'd ultimately suggest downloading.  For example, Brewii is another downloadable Wii softmod, and I had a hard time with the customer support when I couldn't get Brewii to work on my console.

Download Wii Unlocker Ultra

3 Best Wii Homebrew Apps: Beef Up Your Nintendo Wii Homebrew

Author: Shane

Just finished softmodding your Wii and want to find the best Homebrew Wii apps for it?  Here is a list to get you started.

1. The Wii Homebrew Browser

There are a couple ways to put new homebrew apps on your Wii once you've softmodded it. You can manually copy apps onto your SD card from your PC, or you can just use the Homebrew Browser.

This handy little Wii homebrew app lets you install any apps you want by just clicking download. If you have an internet connection for your Wii, the homebrew browser is ideal.

2. MPlayer CE

If you want to play DVDs on your Wii, the Mplayer CE homebrew app lets you play video files on either an SD card or a USB drive. While this is a little more limited than the PS3, it does play more formats. There are also Divx-compatible apps for Wii.

3. Gecko OS

This application lets you play games that aren't released in the US. Weirdly, console makers release games in other countries like Japan or Europe that only play on consoles sold in those countries.

So if it hasn't been released in the American console market, you are out of luck. Games like Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse can be played with the GeckoOS app. It bypasses the Wii's country-specific coding to enable you to play the game on any console, anywhere, as long as it has been modded.

Oh, and GeckoOS lets you play games that you can't play after applying some system updates. Super Mario Bros. Wii doesn't normally run without a system update, but the GeckoOS app lets you bypass that update.

If you just finished softmodding your Wii and want to get started putting some new apps on it, these are the best Wii homebrew apps. There are also many more that you can find online through various homebrew channel sites.

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